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Inspired by trailblazing female DJs such as Spinderella and the eclectic sounds of Ottawa's music scene, DJ Karyen commenced her captivating journey. Initially drawn to Hip Hop, her passion for diverse music genres defined her unique career trajectory, branching out from her roots into an array of musical landscapes.


For two thrilling years, she owned the airwaves as a DJ on the 5 O'Clock Traffic Jam on HOT 89.9 FM. Her seamless mix of tracks and talent for setting the perfect vibe made her a favorite among music enthusiasts.


Recognized for her dedication, she earned three nominations for the esteemed Stylus DJ awards and a DJ of the Year nomination at the Recognize Awards, a testament to her commitment to the craft.


Beyond the studio, DJ Karyen's presence graced notable events, from spinning for Nike to delivering captivating performances at revered gatherings like the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, Carivibe, Cranium Music Festival, and House of Paint just to name a few.


Her influence extends beyond the turntables; DJ Karyen's features in Metro News and inclusion in the "83 'Til Infinity - 40 years of Hip-Hop in the Ottawa-Gatineau Region” exhibit at the Ontario Art Gallery highlight her impact on the local music scene.


As a JUNO/CARAS Academy Delegate, she actively contributes to shaping the music industry's future. Currently navigating roles as an artist manager and exploring event promotion, she aims to elevate her craft on the global stage. Her ambition and talent drive her mission to share her music worldwide.


Get ready for DJ Karyen's global journey, where her infectious beats and musical finesse know no limits. Book her now for a musical adventure that breaks boundaries!

DJ Karyen
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